Community Resources – Volunteers

Volunteering has a meaningful, positive impact on our community. Volunteering with Réseau ACCESS Network is a great opportunity to develop new skills, gain work experience, meet interesting people, be part of a team and work in a friendly and supportive environment.

Our volunteers are a valuable resource and an important link between Réseau ACCESS Network and the people who make up the community we serve.

Benefits of Volunteering

We all benefit. When you become part of our team you have the opportunity to:

  • Achieve personal satisfaction for making a difference in someone’s life.
  • Apply your current skills and gain some new ones.
  • Gain valuable work experience and boost your career options.
  • Meet new people, make new friends and develop professional contacts.
  • Learn more about HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, sexually transmitted infections and harm reduction.
  • Make a difference in your own community.

The rewards are as unique and personal as your reasons for wanting to volunteer. Volunteering has numerous benefits and is a great way to achieve personal success.

Volunteer Opportunities

There is a wide variety of volunteer placements available, ranging from behind the scenes administration to front line, direct client service opportunities. Your skills, interests and time commitment can be matched to any of the following areas:

  • Administration/reception
  • Organizational Development
  • Fundraising
  • Special events
  • Education/prevention
  • Support Services
  • Street Outreach
  • And more…

Get Involved

If you are looking for opportunities to give back to your community, meet new people and have new experiences, pick up a volunteer application at the office or by clicking here, for the Board volunteer form, click here.  Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted shortly to discuss your application and potential opportunities.